I’ve learned a valuable lesson from our latest medication fiasco

The boys had an appointment with Dr. Reynolds yesterday and everything with them is going okay-ish.

The biggest thing that needed addressed at this appointment was straightening out Elliott and Emmett’s ADHD meds. 


New scripts for these meds were issued but rather than allow them to fax the scripts to the pharmacy, I grabbed paper copies and I’m going to hand deliver them to Walgreens in the morning. 

I’ve learned my lesson and will retrieve paper copies from this point on.

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This eliminates the unknown and makes sure that the boys will have their meds. 

Also, Gavin’s sodium chloride script has been fixed as well and that’s really, really good news. 

There shouldn’t be any medication issues, at least for the next 3 months or so and that’s one less thing to worry about.  ☺

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  1. MBee

    I’m glad to hear that! It isn’t a convenience for you if you have to chase paperwork frequently. Don’t forget to give your pharmacist lots of lead time. Not because your stuff takes a while, but they may be busy helping another pt chase paperwork. 🙂

      1. MBee

        I read quite a few pharmacy-related blogs and the reoccurring themes are…
        1) Patients who expect things to be ready when they walk in. (often because the dr said so?)
        2) Patients who think that because they are THERE they are the most important pt in the queue.
        3) Business decisions that hamstring patient care.
        4) People who forget how long it takes to do things.

        In fact, I wanted to link to some of your doctor-faxed posts to show why patients are SO ANNOYED when they walk into the pharmacy but you didn’t tag them all the same so I let it go.

        The flip side is that I’d like to tell some of those posters that I am asking ‘how long’ because I need to plan the rest of my day, not because I’m already disappointed in the answer. I also ask questions because I don’t know the answer since I seldom pick up ‘scripts, not because I am unintelligent or trying to game the system.

        I do wonder if some of the items you pick up need ordered in. (not from the nosy sense of ‘wonder’ but the business end of it.)

        1. That’s a good question. The problem I run into is a disconnect between the doctor and the pharmacy. The most common thing tends to be pharmacy will fax the doctor and get no response. The doctor will say they never received anything…

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