If I had hair, I’d be pulling it out

This week is going to be totally thrown off because of the holiday. I’ll be a day off all week long and I’m sure it’s going to cause a few hiccups.  ☺

While Emmett went to bed not feeling well and had a really tough time falling asleep, I’m hoping he’ll be okay for .  He had a tummy ache again but also some serious post nasal stuff going on and that always upsets his stomach.

Thankfully, and seemed to be doing just fine when they went to bed.

I have somewhat selfish reasons for really hoping the boys make it to school today and that’s because I want to go walking.  Actually, and I both want to go walking.  We’re trying to walk every day we can because we’re both very serious about taking better care of ourselves.

After I drop the boys off at school, Lizze has an appointment before we would go walking at the park.

There are a number of things that can interfere with this and I’m just really hoping that we can sorta skate through the morning, without any major issues.

Emmett’s still not back in yet but Gavin does have Speech in the afternoon.  Gavin’s doing really well in Speech, all things considered. I wish I could say the same thing about Emmett and OT but unfortunately, they still haven’t fixed the scheduling issues yet.

We’ve definitely seen a change in Emmett since he’s been on hold for OT. He’s not getting his fix and that’s a pretty big deal for a very sensory oriented kid like Emmett.

I’m hoping to find out when the wait will be over today.  I’m supposed to hear something either this week or next.

Anyway, all we have left for the day will be Dr. Pattie and we definitely have some things that we need to talk about.

In between all of this, I have work that needs done and a very talkative Gavin to be patient with. OMG…. He’s relentless right now when it comes to his missions or his video games.  I swear, if I had hair, I’d be pulling it out.

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  • Jimmy Rock

    How often would Emmett go to OT? Once a week for an hour? I’m not doubting that you’ve seen a difference in him (perhaps relating to missing the routine?), and I’m sure he enjoys his sessions but, based upon his needs that you’ve described, an hour a week OT session probably doesn’t give him the sufficient sensory input that he needs on a day to day basis. I’m not at all saying that the OT sessions aren’t necessary (are they just for sensory needs or fine motor skills as well?) but there’s plenty more that Emmett probably needs on a day to day level that would make much more of a difference as far as his sensory needs are concerned than a once a week (or even a couple of times a week) OT session.

    I’m not saying this to educate you – I’m sure you know all about this already – I was just wondering if you could talk a bit about what sensory based things you have tried at home that worked, didn’t work, or stuff that you haven’t tried that you’d be interested in trying. I know you’ve talked about the swing (have you been able to reinstall it?), and I think you’ve mentioned brushing, but there’s plenty of other things- deep breathing exercises, sand/shaving cream activities, jumping/trampoline etc. I’m sure your OT can give you (if he/she hasn’t already) a whole host of activities to try. Finding the time to do them, particularly on a daily basis, is a whole other story….