No alone time for me today but that’s okay

Gavin and I are at the school, waiting for the boys to come out the doors. 

I don’t really know why Gavin wants to come along, especially with his bladder issues but I don’t mind the rare silence of company right now. He’s listening to his music and doing the potty dance but not talking up a storm. 

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We’ve been here six minutes and he’s currently making his first trip to the bathroom. 🙁

I wish I knew how to help him but there isn’t anything we can do right now. It’s not an infection but instead it’s most likely a side effect from when he was off the Clozapine for a few days before restarting after we got script fixed. 

Clozapine is dangerous the first time you start it and even more so dangerous the second time around.  There is no third time around because it’s forbidden.  

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Anyway, I feel for him because this isn’t any fun and I know he gets frustrated with himself. 

We’ll see how well the rest of the wait goes.. 

I’m also really hoping the boys come home in a decent mood today.  That would really help get the weekend of on the right foot. ☺ 


  1. Jimmy Rock

    Rob, although you share so much of your life and often write very well about it, I think a disconnect can develop between you and (some) of your readership when there are missing gaps in your story. Not your fault – you can’t write about every detail, but maybe if I give you some examples of some questions that sort of remain unanswered, this would lead to some greater understanding. Now this won’t apply to those commenters who just seem angry, bitter or resentful, but I think those types are the exception rather than the rule.

    I think about the naps – since so many people who work do so outside of the home, they don’t have the option for a nap. They get by without it, regardless of what else is going on in their lives. Because of that, the time that they can sleep at night must be maximized. If you had to work outside the house, what would you do with your kids at night when they couldn’t sleep? Would you still camp out on the couch with them so willingly? Would you let them sleep in your bed? Would you make more of a concerted effort towards having them sleep in their own beds? Would you decide that even if they are awake at night, it was OK if you slept – would you put a gate on their doors or otherwise limit their access to the entire house so that you’d know that they were safe? Is it too hard to try any of these things because you’re just so damn tired or drained throughout the day? Do you think any of these things might lead to making you more productive and able to think straight during the day? A person who’s working outside the house during the day just might, at the very least, psychologically, have more incentive to work on these things.

    Look, I know you’re doing what you can just to get by. And I know certain sleep issues just can’t be “fixed”, no matter how much effort you put into them. I also see what happens here with certain comments and commenters. I hope you realize that I’m not criticizing or judging you. As I’ve said before, I think you’re doing the best you can in a very challenging situation. I’m just suggesting that maybe you’re not getting your point or perspective across as well as you may think on this one, which may be leading to some of the criticism. But as for those who are here just to judge or criticize, f- ’em. I’m rooting for you, Rob.

      1. No worries. ☺

        Here’s the thing.

        Perhaps there is a disconnect at times, especially with newer readers. I totally get that. That’s why I try to bring everyone up to speed whenever I can.

        The issue I have is with the people that find fault in everything I do. There’s never anything positive to say and my words get twisted.

        That’s what frustrates me.

        In general, most people haven’t a clue what our lives are like and I find that in many cases, there’s also a lack of empathy. The reason I share the way I do is because I’m hoping to get people thinking and it works because I’ve gotten please type of messages from people who’ve read something here and was able to apply it in their own interactions with a special needs family.

        Some people just won’t get it and I can live with that but just because I open myself up, doesn’t mean I need to take abuse from internet trolls who live to trip me up and find any inconsistencies they can.

        You’re eyes well spoken my friend and I appreciate your thoughts… ☺

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