No alone time for me today but that’s okay

Gavin and I are at the , waiting for the boys to come out the doors. 

I don’t really know why wants to come along, especially with his bladder issues but I don’t mind the rare silence of company right now. He’s listening to his music and doing the potty dance but not talking up a storm. 

We’ve been here six minutes and he’s currently making his first trip to the bathroom. 🙁

I wish I knew how to help him but there isn’t anything we can do right now. It’s not an infection but instead it’s most likely a side effect from when he was off the for a few days before restarting after we got script fixed. 

Clozapine is dangerous the first time you start it and even more so dangerous the second time around.  There is no third time around because it’s forbidden.  

Anyway, I feel for him because this isn’t any fun and I know he gets frustrated with himself. 

We’ll see how well the rest of the wait goes.. 

I’m also really hoping the boys come home in a decent mood today.  That would really help get the weekend of on the right foot. ☺ 

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