Things started to look very bad for Gavin until this happened 

I have to give props to Gavin today and here’s why.  

Lizze was powering through our many laundry baskets of clothes that needed to be folded, sorted and put away this afternoon. Each of the boys took their clothes and put them away.  

Gavin apparently ran out of room in his main dresser and didn’t know what to. I told him to empty out his whites drawer and move them to one of the drawers in the empty dresser that resides in his closet.  

He didn’t seem to like that idea because he was afraid he would forget that his socks and stuff would be in the dresser inside his closet and he wouldn’t be able to find clean clothes.  
Frankly, I don’t know if that was just a line of crap he was feeding me because he just didn’t like the idea of change or if he’s was genuine. 

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Either way, it was a necessary move and I told him it needed to be done so we could fit the rest of his clothes in his main dresser.  

Gavin’s disposition rapidly switched to one of distress, anger and frustration. He was winding up for one of his house shaking, legendary meltdowns, the likes of which we haven’t seen in a couple of years now.  

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That being said, at what seemed like the last minute, he pulled himself out of it and went to his room to calm down.  He was only up there for a few minutes but when he came back, he was in control of himself and in a much better place.  

Gavin can be his own worst enemy at times and this was one of those times however, he went to his room and calmed himself down. He hit himself at first but nothing that caused any damage or injury. 

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A few years ago, it would not have ended with Gavin calming himself down.  He would have shook the entire house, broken a window in his room, put his fist through the wall or kick the door off the hinges. 

Instead, he had a minor meltdown, removed himself to his room so he could calm down and returned when he was feeling better.  

I’m so proud of him because I know that’s not easy for him to do… ☺ 


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