An important Gavin update

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I touched on this a little bit earlier and I said it was for another post.  This is that post. 

Gavin’s undergone an unbelievable change over the last year and while it’s pretty evident from this blog how awesome he’s doing, the people in his life are truly astonished by the young man he’s becoming.  ☺


Gavin’s life is still a mixed bag because he’s both emotionally and physically fragile. 

I spend 24/7 with Gavin and while I love him to pieces, he does wear on me. 

While he’s a joy to be around anymore, he can be tough to be around, especially as of late.  It needs to be said that none of the reasons that make him tough to be around are his fault.  Just so we’re clear. 

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The problem is that while behaviorally he’s doing amazing, most of the other areas in his life are going downhill. 

The most exhausting part for me is being around him when he’s manic and holy shit is he manic.

If you’ve never been around a child who’s manic, all I can say is that it’s completely exhausting amd were talking such the life out of you exhausting. 

Gavin never stops talking.  It’s constant, totally random thoughts or he simply repeats himself, over and over again.

His impulsivity leads to him hurting himself and there really isn’t much that can be done to address that.

Anyway, Gavin is very manic and I find that he’s often tippy toe dancing in my last, already frayed nerve. 

I’m always patient while him but I do have to straight up tell him to stop talking at times.

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The nonstop talking can really wear one down..

He’s going to have to cycle out of this on his own because I don’t know that we can really or safely adjust him…

Until then……..