Back to real life cause the break is over -

Back to real life cause the break is over

The boys just got home from my parents house. They had a really good time and aside from Elliott, everyone actually slept through the night. Elliott struggled a bit but Emmett was good to go on my parents spare queen mattress. 

Lizze and I both were able to sleep in this morning and that was really nice.  

We don’t really have anywhere to be today. I have to hit the grocery store but that’s about the extent of it for now. We need a few things for school lunches.  

There’s a ton of laundry to get caught up and a few other odds and ends that need some attention. 

At this point, the house is quite. Gavin’s sleeping off his morning meds. Elliott and Emmett are spending sometime with their respective tablets before we have some no screen time this afternoon. 

A big thanks goes out to my parents for taking the kids overnight..  ☺ 

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