In my world, disrupting routine is an absolute no no

It was a relatively quiet day. The biggest thing we had to worry about were deliveries of supplies to the house. I mentioned eariler that I was organizing the pantry and putting things back where they belong. That made putting new things away, so much easier.

Over time, things get put back incorrectly or weren’t put back at all. I wanted to get our supplies sorted out because I want to order only what we need and not what we don’t.

The boys both had appointments today with Akron Children’s Hospital. This was via video and were simply medication checks. All things the same, they’re both doing pretty well.

There aren’t any changes to anything and it wouldn’t be worth mentioning aside from the fact that both of them participated willingly. They did a fantastic job of expressing themselves as well. I’m quite proud.

Our final delivery arrived late afternoon, and we put everything away. I wanted to cut the grass. I’m finding that mowing the lawn is relaxing for me now and staying on top of it feels good.

As I was walking down the porch steps into the yard, I tripped and fell. This was kind of a freak occurance. The kids have walking sticks that they keep outside by the steps. They’re usually leaning up against the house. One of them had fallen over and landed in such a way that it was sticking through the spindles in the handrail, just above the stair tread. I didn’t see it and it caught my shoe.

It could have been anyone of us who tripped on it. At least it was me and not any of the kids. I messed my foot up a little bit and my fall was far from graceful.

Thankfully it wasn’t any worse than it was and I was able to walk it off and get the yard cut.

It’s weird when your falling down the steps because for me, it feels like it takes forever for it to happen. In my head, I’m know I’m falling. I know it’s gonna hurt and I have enough time to anticipate the impact before I actually impact.

Anyway, I’m really sore but I’ll be okay.

In other news, I’m working on putting together some routines to fill the vacuum left by lockdown. I want to use this time to better ourselves and our situation. Finally building a new routine that is accepted by everyone, is a huge part of that.

Those of you familiar with autism, know that disrupting routine is an absolute no no. Likewise, building a new routine can be extremely difficult. The big issue right now is that their school routine was disrupted when schools were closed and their home routine was disrupted because schools were closed. I’m trying to find a new routine that I can gradually implement, to fill the void left by all this change.

It’s not easy and it’s a work in progress.

Anyone have a story about routine change? Please leave it below in the comments. ☺

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Hope you aren’t too sore from falling!