Sometimes it’s difficult to remain positive but this is what I do to prove it’s not impossible 

I’m going to bed tonight with mindset that when I wake up, the slate will be wiped clean. I’m going into the new day with a sense of I can totally do this. 

It doesn’t matter how positive a person is because when faced with the unending challenges associated with being an Autism parent, it can become difficult to remain positive. 

That said, being difficult and being impossible are two very different things. While it may be difficult to focus on the positive, it’s certainly not impossible. I feel pretty comfortable saying that because we have more than our fair share of challenge, heartache and pain. 

I find that there’s always something worth celebrating, at least on most days. 
I’m really trying to focus on the positive and as a way of doing that, I’m going to bring back my today’s victory posts. I used to do these every day and then things happen and I struggled to find the positives in every day. 

My goal is to recommit myself to that task because not only does it help me to remain focused on the positive, it’s a great example for other parents. It’s so easy to get lost in all the stress and heartache of being an Autism parent. 

Sometimes we just need to adjust our focal points and look for victories on a smaller scale. 

It’s important to remember that victories come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes the victory is simply making it through the day without giving up or killing someone.  😁 

Everything is relative and victories are in the eye of the beholder. This is the attitude I’m aiming for as I move into the rest of the week and would encourage everyone to adopt a similar path. ☺️   

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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