This morning was all centered around Gavin and medication changes

The boys got off to school after a rough morning. Afterwards, I took Gavin to get him bloodwork done for this week. He has bloodwork done every single Friday, in order to get refills of the Clozapine. 

Normally he’s in and out but there was a pretty decent wait today. Regardless, Gavin did a really good job and I’m super proud of him. 

In other Gavin related news, we began increasing his Clozapine today. 
His dose will increase by 50mg and will increase by another 50mg each Friday for the next four weeks. We’re hoping that this will help manage his schizophrenic symptoms, while limiting the bladder issues. 

At the same time, we also began his Miralax today as well. That will probably work rather quickly and if the Urologist is correct in his assumptions, this will significantly reduce, if not eliminate the bladder issues all together.  

Again, I’m hoping he’s right but I have my doubts.  

Currently, Gavin’s sawing some Z’s and will likely be out for a couple hours. This will give me a tiny break from the incessant talking… ☺ 

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