Check out how brave my son Gavin is :)

As you are aware, Gavin has a severely compromised immune system and requires IVIG infusions twice a week. 

I do this procedure for him every Monday and Friday. 


During the 2 – 6 hour process, I play Minecraft with him because it helps him to forget about the needles in his belly. 

This evening, he agreed to have the process of placing the needles in his belly filmed and shared.

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Elliott manned the camera and I performed the procedure. 

I wanted to not only shine a light on just how brave Gavin is but also provide a little more context to the story. 

Gavin has had this done twice a week for the last couple of years.  It began with three needles but was eventually reduced to two needles. 

All in all, he’s had 500 – 600 needle sticks into his belly.  Trust me when I say it’s not fun and I wouldn’t want to experience this. 

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Why do I want to share this?

Simple…  Gavin never complains..  Never…  Who among us can say that they could endure this time and time again, without complaint?  I can’t honestly say that…

Gavin is truly an amazing kid and I make sure he knows how proud of him I am because I tell him every single day. 

I thought he deserved some recognition… ☺