Gavin drove me crazy with his incessant talking on what’s probably the worst day I’ve had in awhile

At the risk of sounding like a terrible parent, I’m going to admit that my oldest son Gavin, is driving me absolutely bat shit crazy. Some would argue that’s a short trip and frankly, they’re probably right.

Here’s the thing.

Gavin is talking nonstop about two topics.

  1. Games on his tablet
  2. Everything about the missions with his super best friends

I don’t know a word that fits more than incessant because if I did, it would definitely apply here. Not only is he talking nonstop, he’s telling me everything twice.

As an example:

GavinDad, while I’m at Grandma’s tomorrow, we’re going to make my hat for trick or treat. 

Me: Gavin that’s awesome. I know and I know you’ll have fun. 

Gavin: Yeah. Guess what. I’m going to make my hat for trick or treat at Grandma’s tomorrow. 

Me: I know Gavin, you just told me that and I’m still excited for you. 

It’s been like that all day and I can’t explain how exhausting it is to not only deal with this but deal with this and exercise patience because I know this isn’t his fault.

My head is pounding and honestly, this just made everything else I had to deal with, that much worse.
Just to give you an idea of the other things that I had to deal with today. We lost our food benefits because of a misunderstanding, when Lizze was added back to our account.  I was up for renewal or whatever they call it but we had to go through a similar process when they added Lizze back to my account when she moved home.

The understanding we had was that process had updated our account with everything we needed to continue until our next review in twelve months. Apparently that wasn’t the case and because I didn’t do the review process, they pulled the plug.

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