How my son copes with the pain from his twice a week procedures

How my son copes with the pain from his twice a week procedures

Gavin takes on so many things that it’s easy to overlook the things that help him to cope, especially with the more painful procedures. 

In Gavin’s case, he has to have needles stuck into his belly twice a week in order to deliver the GAMMAGARD that provides him with a functioning immune system. 

We’re infinitely thankful that he receives this life saving treatment but it sucks that it’s so painful for him. 

We used to numb the injection sites prior but it ended up creating more anxiety because he anticipated the needles while we waited for the numbing cream to work. 

One of the ways we’ve helped Gavin to survive these infusions is by keeping him distracted during the process. 

While he’s sitting or laying on the couch, all hooked up and receiving treatment, he’s usually playing on his tablet, listening to music or in this case, play Halo 5 on the XBOX. Our favorite thing is playing Minecraft together. 

Thankfully, he’s relatively easy to distract and usually within a few hours, the infusion is done. 

If he wasn’t distracted, he would be constantly obsessing over the infusion sites. He panics because he’s afraid they will start leaking and the needles will have to be reseated. 

Today’s infusion has been a good one and he’s been battling to reach the rampant Cortona in Halo 5. 

Sometimes it the little things that make the shitty parts of life survivable…. ☺️

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