We're returning to Pediatric Neurology at the @ClevelandClinic today -

We’re returning to Pediatric Neurology at the @ClevelandClinic today

Gavin has an epilepsy follow-up in Pediatric Neurology at the Cleveland Clinic this afternoon. We’ll be leaving shortly and I’m hoping that everything goes well.

Today’s appointment serves as both a follow-up and a consultation.

Gavin is supposed to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy on June 5th. We’re worried about how his autonomic dysfunction may increase the risks associated with going under. We also are concerned about the vagal response from shoving the camera down his throat.

Hopefully, his specialist at the Cleveland Clinic will be able to address these concerns and diswade some of our fears.

I only want good news today because I’m struggling a bit on a personal level this afternoon and I don’t think I can take any more bad news in regards to Gavin.

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