Elliott won’t be doing any homework tonight

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It’s Thursday and all homework is due in the morning. Elliott’s supposed to be doing 9 minutes of homework a night and up until recently, that was a nearly impossible task. 

I’ve managed to strike a very fragile balance and that has helped Elliott to be a willing participant.


Tonight however, I won’t be setting the timer for 9 minutes and I won’t be making him do minutes of homework. 

The reason for this is probably not what you think.

Elliott won’t be doing any homework tonight because HE’S ALREADY DONE.!!.!!.

Did you think I was going somewhere else with this? lol

Elliott totally kicked ass this week on his homework.  He even finished it up yesterday after coming home from school and before going to therapy..

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I’m so proud of him and I will not allow anything to rock the boat at this point.  He’s doing awesome and the last thing in the world I want to do is knock him off his game. 

Elliott, you totally rock and I couldn’t be any prouder…  ☺

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