#Autism Dad Confessions: I feel so much stress and pressure that I’m physically ill

Part of my job is to help the world at large better understand what goes into being an Autism parent.  A large component of that, unfortunately, is stress related. 

This post is all about the things that have me so stressed out at this point that I’m physically ill. 

Some of you will be able to relate while others may not but what matters most to me is getting the information out there. If these things go without mention, how will anyone gain a deeper insight into all that parents like myself have to go through. 

It goes without saying that Autism is a major source of stress in my life. There are times that I hate Autism because of how difficult it makes the lives of my children and yet there are other times when I’m in awe of it. 
What I think people tend to sorta lose sight of is that parents like myself have to also deal with all the same issues as everyone else, on top of all that Autism, fragile health and serious mental health issues that make our lives so difficult. 

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One of the things that has me so stressed out is money. I’m currently in a situation where we temporarily lost our food benefits (due to a paperwork error) and my paycheck is going to be three weeks late. This has put us in a temporary but very difficult situation. 

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