Zero to Meltdown

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I talked this morning about how awesome it was that the boys got themselves dressed and ready for school before we even woke up. That’s all very true and something I’m quite proud of them for. 

Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends and the meltdowns begin. 

Emmett was fine until it became time to put something on his feet. He’s been wearing slippers to school without socks for about a week or so but for some reason, he wasn’t able to tolerate them today. 

He went from having a great morning to an ear drum shattering meltdown in nothing flat. 

We finally ended up settling on flip flops but packed his slippers and a pair of socks should he change his mind. 
The whole thing lasted roughly twenty minutes but it was so exhausting and it took a heavy toll. 

After dropping the boys off to school, Lizze, Gavin and myself barely made it through breakfast before we each crashed. It was a rough morning to say the least and our bodies just shutdown. 

I feel better after I woke up. 

At present, we’re in the waiting room at Dr. Reynolds office for an appointment (Gavin)… Once we’re done here, it will be off to retrieve the boys from school….. 

If you have any positive energy you could spare and send my way, I could absolutely use it today… 😩

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