I have bad news about Gavin

As I shared earlier, Gavin had an appointment today with Dr.Reynolds, his psychiatrist for over an decade. 

The trip to this appointment was incredibly difficult for Gavin because his bladder issues were ramped up and causing him a great deal of distress. Thankfully he made it without incident.. 

His appointment went as well as it could, considering why we were there. We were there to both follow up on meds and discuss Gavin’s current status.

I’m going to try and make this short and sweet. 
We talked about how Gavin’s delusions and hallucinations are as strong as ever. There isn’t a significant difference between his status while on 600mg of Clozapine and what it is now while on 800mg of Clozapine per day. 

This is a scary thing for many reasons but the most prominent being that his medicine is not as effective anymore. 

It’s because of this that we have decided it best to drop him back down to 600mg of Clozapine per day. At this point in time, the higher dose doesn’t make enough of a difference to justify what it’s putting his body through. 

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