Why #sensory issues kept my son home from school today

Emmett woke up this morning and was so sensory sensitive, he barely tolerated his pants and shirt.  

He was able to wear his clothes for the most part but when it came to shoes and socks, there simply wasn’t any wiggle room. 

Emmett loves school and doesn’t want to stay home but at the same time, he’s so overwhelmed by his sensory processing issues that he couldn’t even compose himself.  

Unfortunately, we had to take Elliott to school and we were already running late. 

Lizze and I decided that with an inch of snow on the ground, that it was too cold (27°F) for him to wear his flip-flops to school. 

We offered to have him just wear his slippers to school and then bring his flip flops to change into them of he needed to, once he was in the school building.  

That didn’t even almost work. 

This is very much a problem and we’re going to have to consider some new options.  One option is homeschooling. We’re not particularly excited about that option but it’s one that we’ve been talking about.. 

Sensory issues are very real and they can impact every aspect of of one’s life. 

Shoes and socks are likely always going to be a problem.. 🙁 

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Kim Gebhardt
I have a question about the sensory issues as Emmett gets older. Will there ever come a time when logical thought takes over? Will he ever go from “My socks are making me crazy” to “My socks are making me crazy but I will have to deal with it so I can go to school”? I recognize that the sensory processing is outside of his control, but I’m wondering if he will be able to control his reaction to it as he gets older and learns to better handle his emotions and things outside of his control. I thought of… Read more »
Rob Gorski

That’s a really good question and truthfully, I’m really hoping we get there. Sometimes hes able to do that while other times he can’t. That’s certainly the goal…. ☺

As an undiagnosed adult who has and does struggle with sensory issues I can say at least in my experience, coping is possible, and learned. For me it was all about adapting my routine to my environments, and thry in turn to me. I can’t vouch for socks as that wasn’t a problem for me, but things I do: Have scissors at every possible location because you never know when that tag that you’ve had on your shirt all these weeks will suddenly be excrutiating and has to come off. Wear cool tops so I won’t get too hot, but… Read more »
Rob Gorski

Thank you so much for reaching out. I really appreciate your insights because sometimes it’s hard to understand these things cause our kids can’t always express these things in a way we can truly understand… ☺


Yeah it took me a long time to learn how to articulate because we didn’t even know what high functioning autism was, so I didn’t realize for a long time everyone else didn’t see/hear/feel what I did. I love helping when I can.

Rob Gorski

Please jump in whenever you feel like it. It’s an honor or to have your invaluable insights…. ☺

Peter Clifford

Yes when we can HEAR the electricity coursing through circuitry in different household appliances when I was young I could hear it but not anymore made a weird “OOOMAH OOOMAAAAH” sound and Cathode ray tubes going from one scene to the next made a cross between a window shattering and a Hissing noise.

Peter Clifford

Yes when shoes Feel like a VICE GRIP and FEEL LIKE THEY ARE CRUSHING YOUR FEET and where a normal shirt FEELS LIKE COARSE SANDPAPER

when someone touching you Feels like a Mixture of OIL, GREASE, MUCUS and FLY LARVAE WRIGGLING ON AND UNDERNEATH OUR SKIN

Now you may understand why Autistic and Aspie people DO NOT LIKE BEING TOUCHED!

I have ASPERGER’S syndrome

I can tell you from EXPERIENCE IT ISN’T FUN! I was officially Diagnosed by professor KENNETH NUNN when I was very young! I am 33 years old now!