Why #sensory issues kept my son home from school today

Emmett woke up this morning and was so sensory sensitive, he barely tolerated his pants and shirt.  

He was able to wear his clothes for the most part but when it came to shoes and socks, there simply wasn’t any wiggle room. 

Emmett loves school and doesn’t want to stay home but at the same time, he’s so overwhelmed by his sensory processing issues that he couldn’t even compose himself.  

Unfortunately, we had to take Elliott to school and we were already running late. 

Lizze and I decided that with an inch of snow on the ground, that it was too cold (27°F) for him to wear his flip-flops to school. 

We offered to have him just wear his slippers to school and then bring his flip flops to change into them of he needed to, once he was in the school building.  

Read This  Has anyone faced this bizarre #sensory processing issue before? 

That didn’t even almost work. 

This is very much a problem and we’re going to have to consider some new options.  One option is homeschooling. We’re not particularly excited about that option but it’s one that we’ve been talking about.. 

Sensory issues are very real and they can impact every aspect of of one’s life. 

Shoes and socks are likely always going to be a problem.. 🙁