Why teamwork is crucial to #Autism Parenting -

Why teamwork is crucial to #Autism Parenting

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as an Autism parent is that this shit is hard. I used to run into burning houses and rescue people from horrible car wrecks for a living. I’m here to say that all those things pale in comparison to any given day as Autism parent, at least in my experience.

Having done the Autism parenting thing as a single parent for almost two years, I can say that I have nothing but respect for those who walk this journey alone because they are easily among the strongest people I can imagine. Having said that, this post is not focused on single parenting.

There are huge advantages to sharing the load when it comes to being an Autism parent. If you’re among those lucky enough to have a committed partner, spouse or co-parent, never take that for granted. Autism parenting is the very reason for the phrase it takes a village.  textgram-11

Being able to share the responsibility doesn’t make anything easier, but it does mean that you aren’t going through these challenges alone.

A teamwork approach to raising a child with Autism means that someone has your back and you have theirs. It means that you’re more likely to get breaks, even if they’re small ones. It means that you know someone else in the world that gets it.

You can better weather a meltdown when you have the ability to walk away when needed and have someone else step in and take over. That’s just example of a teamwork approach.

If you’re lucky enough to have a committed partner in crime, make sure that you make time for yourself, each other and your relationship.

Autism parenting takes its toll and that toll can and very often will, impact your physical and emotional health. It can impact your relationships as well. By taking the time to care for yourself and each other, who can help to ensure that you’ll have the teamwork approach, long into the future. Not only does that benefit you as caretakers but also the child in question as well.



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