Could he be anymore hyper?

Could he be anymore hyper?

Do you ever have those mornings where your kids are hyper and fuck? I’m definitely having one of those mornings today. The guilty party is Mr. Elliott and this kid is bouncing off the walls and anything else that has a solid surface. I’ve often wondered why some mornings he wakes up super calm and other mornings he just can’t sit still. I know ADHD is a factor but there doesn’t seem to be any correlation.

So far this morning, Elliott’s been jumping on and off the couches, talking incessantly, kicking his feet in the air and just about every other stereotypical hyperactive behavior you can think of.

Maybe he didn’t sleep well last night. Perhaps it’s fallout from the holiday weekend or maybe this is just a biochemical thing.

What I know for sure is that he’s testing my patience and slowly but surely eroding away my sanity.

I wish I knew why this happens and more importantly, I wish I knew why this didn’t happen. If I knew why it didn’t happen, I could reproduce those circumstances and save myself a great deal of frustration.


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