The heartbreaking letter my son with #Autism wrote

Before we go into this post, I want to be clear that Elliott wants me to share this personal journal entry of his. He hopes other kids will learn something from him.

There’s so much to catch you up on, and I’m trying to get there, but it’s been one problem after another. This is something that I wanted to get out there for Elliott because it’s important to him.

The other day, Elliott fell down the stairs at school. He banged his body up a little, and he’s sore, but otherwise physically okay. The only reason I even found out about this, is because he was in tears when he climbed into the car after school.

I asked him what was wrong and he explained how he’d fallen down the stairs. According to him, only one person came to help him and see if he was okay, while the kids in his class just laughed and pointed.

I was pissed off when I heard this because I was hearing it from him and not from the school.

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Kids can be assholes. They’re gonna laugh at things like this, and I explained that to Elliott. It’s not anything personal because if someone else had fallen, they’d likely be laughed at as well. Like I said, kids can be assholes.

I was upset because my son fell down the stairs at the beginning of the day and no one thought to call me. It doesn’t need to be a dramatic event but a simple call informing me about what happen, how Elliott was doing and asking what I’d like to do. That should be protocol.

I’ve got a great deal of experience in things like this and school staff should not be making decisions about whether or not a child who falls down the stairs is okay and parents should be notified.

Secondly, he was hurt enough to need an ice pack, which amounts to providing medical treatment and I wasn’t notified.

What had me peeved is that I get calls from the school when Elliott or Emmett have a bug bite that itches (that’s totally true) but not when Elliott falls down the stairs. I wish WordPress allowed the use of an angry emoji because this definitely calls for one.

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Before we left the parent pickup line, I called a staff member over and asked what had happened, but they didn’t know anything about it.

Rather than fester, I focused on the fact that Elliott was physically okay and wanted to learn more about what exactly happened. Before we even got home, I called and asked the office what had happened. She briefly explained, and I inquired as to why I wasn’t called. I didn’t get an answer, but we now have an understanding that should anything like this happen again, Lizze or I need to be notified, and brought into the loop.

Like I said, just a simple heads up about what happened because it’s really important to get their side of the story.

Neither of my kids are liars. They don’t purposefully mislead anyone, and in Emmett’s case especially, he’s hardwired to be intolerant of falsehoods. He’s always been like that, and we’ve figured it’s just one of those Autism pieces that help to make up his personality.

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