Unfortunately, Emmett’s sick

Emmett ended up home from school again today. This time is wasn’t sensory related. I mentioned yesterday that Emmett appeared to be getting sick and I was right. 

Unfortunately, he’s dealing with what probably amounts to a cold or sinus thing. He’s congested, his nose is stuffy and his throat hurts. 

It’s nothing serious but it’s making him seriously miserable. 

Right now, he’s snuggled up with Mommy and watching Inside Out. We’re keeping everything low key and relaxing today. There’s nothing on the schedule so we aside from getting Elliott from school, we have nowhere to be. ☺ 

Hopefully, Emmett will feel better soon because he’s really sensitive when he’s sick, even more so than usual. 

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  1. Braden

    Has the school commented on this yet? Do they have concerns? I know what you have said about him academically, but excused or not, there has to come a time when truancy is an issue, right? Or does the charter schools have different criteria?

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