An important Gavin update  -

An important Gavin update 

There are too many thing to talk about with Gavin anymore, but I will briefly touch on how he’s doing overall. 

Gavin’s such a good kid. He tries so hard at everything in life and unfortunately, he’s struggling. We’re seeing more and more regression lately. Things like memory (especially short term), simple tasks and even walking have become more challenging for him. 

He’s very easily confused and that frustrates him a great deal.  

On the positive side, his actual behavior is still a shining example for his little brothers. He caring, kind and gentle. He worries about everyone and always wants to help. Honestly, Lizze and I couldn’t be prouder.  ☺ 

Everything else is par for the course when it comes to the things that make up Gavin. They’re only going to continue because there isn’t a fix or cure for anything he has. All we can do is adapt, support and love the shit out of him.

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