12 things happened that almost broke me today

I mentioned in a previous post that Tuesday was a rough day.  I promised I would share the details in a later entry and here it is. It’s probably going to be easier if I just list everything that happened on Tuesday, rather than go into detail about it. 

I’m not necessarily complaining about this stuff. These things just made a difficult day, all that more challenging to survive. 

  1. We over slept and only had ten minutes to get the boys ready for school. Kids with Autism cannot be rushed. 
  2. My back went out again while rushing around trying to get out the door. 
  3. Emmett had a stomachache (likely from post nasal drip) and had to stay home, throwing off our plans for the day. 
  4. After two consecutive days of wearing slippers and socks, Emmett wouldn’t tolerate either anymore or pants for that matter as well. 
  5. Because Emmett was home sick, Lizze missed the meeting at the school in order to take care of our sick kiddo. 
  6. On the way to school, almost the entire exhaust broke off the car and rendered it inoperable. We barely made it home and we were only about two blocks away. 
  7. Had to seek help from my amazing Mother and Mother in law to get Elliott to and from school. I tagged along in the morning in order to deal with the school. 
  8. When I got home I discovered that we had two unauthorized charges that came through PayPal and then through our checking account totalling well over $600.
  9. Those unauthorized charges sent us into an overdraft tailspin that’s left us with almost nothing but the little bit of cash I have on hand until January 1st.
  10. The Christmas shopping we were supposed to finish up yesterday, is now in limbo and at the mercy of the dispute process with my bank. I’m not sure what we are going to do. 
  11. Because of the car and Mr. Emmett being sick, we had to cancel five appointments that we were supposed to be at yesterday. 
  12. Even after everything I’ve done to shield Elliott from this bully in his class, he was bullied again and that was pretty much the straw that broke this camels back.
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I know so many people have it worse and for the most part, these are all first world problems but they did present many unplanned challenges for us yesterday. 
These things are on top of all the unpredictable things that popped as a result of simply being a special needs parent. While I’m trying not to freak out or overreact, it hard not to be depressed by all this shit. 

On the financial side, we had finally gotten to a point where we were doing better. Better for us means that the bills were paid and we had money in our account to make it through Christmas. Now we have nothing until we recover the charges. 

Sometimes the bank will issue instant credits while they dispute things and sometimes they don’t. I’ve no idea what will happen when I follow up on this in the morning.  Hopefully, everything actually posted and I can get started on recovering our loss. 

It’s currently after 3 am and I’m writing because I’m too overwhelmed to sleep. Remaining positive is important but at the same time, it’s not easy right now. There are some things going on with Gavin that I need to catch everyone up on later and they are weighing heavy on Lizze and I. 

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Sometimes, life can just feel like too much and this is one of those times.  

The only thing I can focus on right now is getting to this meeting at the school in the morning and making sure that Elliott doesn’t have to deal with this bully anymore.  

Maintaining positive thoughts….. ☺