Meltdowns and the patience required to survive them as parents

We had one of those mornings where every single ounce of energy is spent just trying to get the boys off to school. 

The morning began with Elliott refusing a bath. He woke up this morning and his hair needed to be washed. He must have been sweating last night cause his hair was greasy and needed washed before school. 

He battled us pretty hardcore over this but did eventually comply. 

We’ve told him that if he doesn’t keep up with his long hair, it’s going to get cut much shorter. 

What we experienced next made Elliott’s struggles this morning seem like walk in the park. Of course, I’m referring to Emmett and his shoes. 
Emmett was really, really struggling this morning because he wouldn’t tolerate anything on his feet. Flip flops weren’t an option this morning because of the temperature and the fact that there was snow on the ground.  

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We couldn’t back down today because Emmett’s already missed a few days of school because he couldn’t cope with wearing shoes or anything on his feet for that matter. 

This particular battle lasted for at least an hour and ran from about 7:30 am until 8:30 am. 

As soon as he settled down, we were out the door but that exit didn’t occur until after 8:30 am, a full thirty minutes after we normally arrive at the school. He ended up wearing his socks and slippers.  

I can’t really explain how exhausting these meltdowns are for all parties. As parents, we are choosing to be patient and understanding. The patience needed to manage and survive a situation like this is immensely bankrupting at times.  

As a result of this morning, I was so exhausted and despite my best efforts, I fell asleep while writing. 

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Can anyone relate to this? How does your child’s meltdowns impact you? Please leave your experience in the in the moments below.. ☺