An update on the bullying situation  – Page 2

An update on the bullying situation 

Elliott and this kid were good friends. One day, this kid was doing something to hurt himself on purpose and Elliott told the teacher because he was worried for his friend. The kid saw this as a betrayal and since that day, Elliott’s been on this kids shitlist. 

This kid can clearly hold a grudge cause it’s been like two years now. 

What kills me is Elliott is bigger than this kid and could pummel him but he doesn’t like violence at all. He’d rather just take the abuse than engage in an altercation. I totally respect that but there comes a time when it’s necessary to stand your ground.  

He has no qualms about defending his friends or family and he has done so in the past, but when it comes to himself he chooses to turn the other cheek.

At the end of the day though, things have improved and as long as Elliott’s happy at school, I feel better about this whole thing.  Elliott has lots of friends but that doesn’t always translate into not being bullied.

I’m really proud of Elliott for pushing through this and it looks like we may finally be moving past this. 


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