Gavin continues to regress and it’s horrible to witness 

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This will be a good news – bad news entry but I’ll begin with the good news.☺ 

The good news is that since Gavin’s peeing blood situation earlier in the week, there hasn’t been anymore instances of this happening again. Assuming it happened in the first place, perhaps it was a one off kinda thing and we won’t see this again. 

That’s really the end of the good news for now but you have to admit, not peeing blood anymore is definitely a good thing.  

Unfortunately, the rest of what I have to share is of a sad and even heartbreaking nature. 🙁 
Gavin’s been very mission oriented lately and that means he’s continuing to lose touch with reality. Almost every morning this week, Gavin has rushed off to his room after breakfast because of an emergency back at base. This translates to him having to go through the magic portal that takes him to Mobious, so he can meet up with his team of superheroes.. 

For those new to our story, this is all part of his schizophrenic hallucinations. 

I’m very quickly reaching a point where I can’t stand to hear his missions reports because they just break my heart. 

Lizze and I are also taking note of how physically clumsy he’s becoming.  He’s constantly dropping things and we have to be very careful what he’s allowed to touch, pick up or carry around.  

He very frustrated with himself but he has no control over any of this and that makes it even more heartbreaking. 

Having said all of this, he seems happy and that’s important. 

Gavin has so much shit going wrong with his body and mind, it’s truly a blessing that he’s the proud owner of such and amazing disposition. 

I’m hoping beyond hope that we will see some of these skills returning, at least to some degree but sadly, that’s not always the case.  🙁 

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