Does anyone have experience with their kids pulling their hair out? 

Apparently, I spoke too soon when I said that Gavin was having a good day because something has once again come to light. 

At some point between the time Gavin woke up this morning and now, he’s been plucking the hairs on his goatee to the point where I had to make him shave it all off. 

I don’t think we’ve seen this in at least a few months but he’s very much back at it today. I know he pulls hair from other places also and I don’t make it a habit of checking at all. 

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The only time I know it’s a problem is when I see him doing this to his facial hair. When his goatee comes in, it comes in very thick and dark. As a result, it’s very obvious when he’s pulling the hairs out. 

I’m unsure of what the triggers are for this or why he is doing it but the last time, he told the shrink that it made him feel good to pull his hair out. I don’t really know how to help him. I had him shave because it’s very obvious that something was wrong and I don’t want anyone saying anything to him about it. 

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The picture below is what happened. It looks far worse from a distance but even up close you can see the part of his goatee that’s missing and the rest is very thinned out.  

Do any of you see your kids do anything like this? How have you dealt with it and were you successful? 


  1. Janis

    I have had experience with a child pulling their own hair out. My Neices little boy started doing this after my Dad, his granddad died. He pulled it out again and again on one side of his head until he had quite a bald patch. He could not express his grief or understanding of why his granddad was suddenly no longer there as they spent a lot of time together. His hairing pulling past after he had grieved but not for a year or two.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience and I’m so sorry for your loss. I figure it’s an anxiety thing and he finds it calming to pull his hair out but if I ask him, he doesn’t know why. Thank you again and best wishes..

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