We just received the @nest PRO learning thermostat today

Vivint was out today and they installed the nest PRO thermostat in our house. Supposedly, this will help us save 10 – 15% on our heating and cooling bill. That savings can go right to our grocery budget. 

I’m pretty excited because I just love new technology and I love saving money. 

The nest integrates with the Vivint Smart Home system we have, as well as with our Amazon Echo. I can simply tell Alexa to set living room temp to whatever I want and she’ll do it.  

I can also control the nest from the nest app, as well as the Vivint app. 

I haven’t had a huge amount of time to work with it just yet but as I do, I’ll share my experience. I had talked about this a couple weeks ago but there was a manufacturing issue, so we were set up today. Now I’m up, running and pretty excited. 

Below are some pictures of my new toy/money saving tool.  

I couldn’t get a clear picture because of the curvature of the glass on the nest.



  1. Looks good, Rob. Enjoy the new Nest!

    1. I will. Thanks 🙂

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