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Making changes to keep Gavin from hurting himself at night

We’ve been having some issues with Gavin, particularly at night. The other day, Gavin got up about 9 PM to use the bathroom. Lizze was still reading to the kids and I was in the living room. All of a sudden, we heard a really loud thud. I thought Emmett… Read more »

(Poll) Does your child with #Autism have trouble sleeping?

Lizze and I are facing a growing challenge when it comes to putting the boys to bed at night and having them go to sleep. Elliott and Emmett went from falling asleep within about thirty minutes of laying down, to being up until midnight almost every single night. This started… Read more »

How to easily check @VivintHome Smart Deadbolt battery levels

In this brief video tutorial, I show you how to check the battery levels of your Vivint Home Smart Deadbolts. It’s much easier than you think, and you can do it from your favorite mobile device.   This super short video is just over a minute, but you’ll be checking your deadbolt… Read more »

Using the @VivintHome app to automatically make sure your doors are locked

While this will apply to anyone using a Vivint Smart Home, this is aimed at Auto families. As Autism parents, we very often have to go to great lengths to ensure the safety of our kids on the Spectrum. If you are one of the many families using the Vivint… Read more »

How the Vivint Smart Home app works

I want to take a minute and share a video I put together to show how I use the Vivint Smart Home app to manage my home. Please understand that I have limited resources in which to make this video with, so forgive me there.   It’s also important to… Read more »

How to get the technology needed to help keep your wandering kids with #Autism safe

It’s Autism Awareness Month and one of the biggest concerns that Autism parents face is wandering. Children with Autism have a tendency to wander away from a position of safety, only to find themselves in danger. Unfortunately, these situations don’t always end well and we know that the faster the… Read more »