2 behavioral oddities reminded me that I’m only human

Unfortunately, Gavin’s had a rough day. I feel I need to stress that this wasn’t behavioral, at least in the way it would have been a few years back. The first issue is in regards to Gavin’s bladder problems returning today for the first time in a long-ish time.  This is par for the course with Gavin because these things pop up now and again.

The first thing we will do to address this is work with the Miralax again. We had backed off a bit because everything was going well. That’s all we can do at this point.

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As for the second issue or challenge, I think that was probably harder for me than it was for him. 

The problem was that Gavin required a great deal of patience today. He required far more patience than I had in my reservoir. 

He was off today and was forgetting everything. He was making mistakes that were unlike him. I’m not sure what was going on but thankfully, he remained blissfully unaware of all the things he was doing. 

Having very little sleep the night before, I woke up in a good mood. I did become really frustrated because I was having to repeat myself over and over again. I never lost my cool but I certainly wasn’t as patient as I should or could have been. 

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I got really tired of the constant, incessant talking and it wore me down to the point of exhaustion. 

While I never lost my cool, I was short with him throughout the day and I’m not proud of that. In a way, the behavioral oddities that Gavin presents with are like dripping water.  Over time, that dripping water wears away the rock. 

That’s sorta what it feels like. 

Gavin’s challenging in many, many ways but he’s also a great kid. Unfortunately, I’m human and will have days like today where I’m not up to task. 

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Having said that, if you were to ask Gavin what, if anything he remembers about today, he would likely say he had fun playing Minecraft together on the Xbox. That’s always fun for both of us and I’m going to cling to that thought as I try and go to sleep tonight. 

Thankfully, there’s always tomorrow and in our home, tomorrow is always a clean slate. 




  1. It is so so hard to be kind to those we love when our own reserves are so low. And the constantness of special needs parenting and loving a spouse with mental health concerns is just that– constant. I love our Isaac, for example, but the fact that he was wide awake and loud until about 5:30 this AM . and my alarm goes off at 5:30…. Then HE doesn’t have school today but the other 6 kids do.
    So I have to stay on alert and do my Monday jobs and try to prepare for a sleep study for him tonight….

    Different set of “life” but so much of the same struggles– if that makes any sense.

    Praying for you today.

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