The 2 things that made Gavin’s day so awesome

On a pretty cool note, Gavin’s having a great afternoon. We did his IVIG infusion first thing in the morning. That gets it out of the way and makes sure that nothing comes up that could interfere.

He slept off his morning meds and then went to lunch with my Dad. He wanted to take Gavin out to lunch for his birthday. They were out of town last week and so today worked out for everyone.

After lunch, my Dad took him along and let Gavin help him on a job. My Dad owns a painting company and loves having the kids along sometimes to help out.  ☺

I should mention that there were some problems during the infusion but I’ll explain that later.

Overall, I think Gavin’s had an awesome day and I’m really glad he was able to make some positive memories..  ☺

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  • bwiren says:

    More good things! Yay!