The 3 reasons why I had such an awesome day

As the day winds to a close, I wanted to end things on a positive note.

There were lots of things that happened today, some good and some bad. I do believe that the good far outweighed the bad and for that reason, I feel pretty good tonight.

Of everything that took place, three things stick out as what really helped to make today such a good day for me in particular.

  1. The boys got their report cards today and they did awesome this quarter. They both pretty much had straight A’s or the equivalent. What made it even cooler was that for the first time ever, they both took great interest in their report cards. In fact, they wanted to open them on their own, the moment we picked them up. Lizze got some cool pictures and I’ll see if I can snag them later..  ☺
  2. After we picked the boys up from school, Lizze and I took them to get new pants. They need new jeans for school on Friday and while they typically won’t wear them, we wanted them to have the option. We didn’t have any luck finding anything for Emmett but we found several pairs of pants, jeans, school pants and wind pants for Elliott. I feel pretty awesome being able to do that. We will be going back out again after school tomorrow for Emmett.
  3. The final thing that made today so awesome is that the boys went to bed and were asleep by 8:30 pm. This is the second day in a row. I didn’t say anything yesterday because I didn’t want to jinx anything. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on but when I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

I feel really positive going to sleep tonight. I really need to get at least five hours of sleep tonight and I’m hoping to get it..   ☺

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