Feeling frustrated but determined 

I’m pretty frustrated at the moment because I crashed about 10:00 am and slept much longer than I wanted to. I understand that my body clearly needed it but at the same time, life needs more attention than it’s been getting. 

On the positive side, I feel much better and ready to tackle the day. 

How does one recover from chronic sleep deprivation? You can’t make up sleep that was lost but is there a way to regain a healthy sleep wake cycle? 

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Truth be told, my circumstances won’t change much in the near future. The medications Lizze is on are very sedative, and while she’s still adjusting to the changes, it’s always going to make her sleepy to some extent. 

My goal is to get to bed by 10:00 pm, and maybe with the help of Melatonin fall asleep. It won’t keep me asleep, so if the kids need me I can wake up. 
I’m trying to make the best out of a challenging situation. Rather than look at all of this a feel crushed, my goal is to find a way to make things work better, within the confines of our situation. 

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As our circumstances improve, and they will, we can make needed adjustments. 

All I know is I want better for everyone. Doing better is a challenge because four out of the five of us have needs that aren’t easy to meet on a good day. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible though. ☺ 

I do like being challenged and working to figure out solutions for difficult situations. 

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I try to live by the moto, nothing worth having comes easy.. When it comes to my family, it’s definitely not easy but it’s absolutely worth it.  

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