A terrific day and a special night

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While it may seem boring at times, I feel sharing how our day has gone is important because it shows how different things can go on different days. 

Today turned out to be a pretty awesome day for everyone. 

The boys got to school on time and immediately after, Gavin and I braved the weather and went for a 1.6 mile walk. It was cold but worth it. He wants to do this once or twice a week and I think that’s great.

Lizze rested for the first part of the day (while the boys were in school) and was up and moving before they got home. 

Tonight was a little special because I thought it would be nice to have a movie night. I took Elliott and Emmett to the grocery store after school and we picked up a few supplies. 

The idea was to have a nice dinner and watch a movie together. 

Only three of the five of us ended up eating but we all enjoyed the Lego Movie. We even picked up a few theater type snacks as well. Everything turned out very positive and that felt good. 

Over the years, I’ve learned to do trips to the actual theater only a few times a year. More often than not, something comes up and we need to leave the movie early. Sometimes it’s too loud, too scary or a health related issue arises. I tried to see the last Star Wars movie three times in the theater and each time, the boys (who really wanted to go) didn’t make it more than thirty minutes… 

Having movie nights at home seems to be a nice compromise.. ☺ 

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Sometimes we do that too. It’s almost better than going to a theater!


Sometimes we do that too. It’s almost better than going to a theater!


I totally agree. There’s no pressure and they can get up and move around if need be..