My son with #Autism wrote a note and it brought me to tears 

I was going through the left over papers from last school year and I stumbled across this. It was written by Elliott about himself. The circumstances in which he wrote this are unknown to me at the moment.

I really felt a surge of pride for him when I read it. 

He spends so much time feeling down, anxious, overwhelmed, angry and just generally freaked out, that reading what he wrote about himself feels so good. 

I’m not gonna lie, I teared up a bit because when you have a child that’s struggling, seeing any sign of positivity breathes new hope into your life.. 

I realize that the note is from earlier in the year but that doesn’t matter because sometimes you just need a little reminder for hope to once again come alive.. ❤️

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  • Guest says:

    Yes! Been there! ♡