This is breaking my heart

Emmett is absolutely miserable. The sore in his mouth is now about the size of a large pea and it’s in a place that is constantly being irritated. He’s spent a lot of time crying today and it’s heartbreaking. I had orajel, special mouthwash and ice cream delivered at 8am and aside from the ice …

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Please keep Emmett in your thoughts

Emmett’s in a bad way. He’s hit a fever flare and this one is particularly painful. His first mouth sore popped up two days ago and there are likely more to follow. The poor kid is in a tremendous amount of pain and there’s not much I can do to help. We’ve doubled up on …

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Have I said how much I hate 2020?

Emmett’s not been having a good week in regards to school. He’s been in a fever flare for going on a week now and that’s likely contributing to his struggles. As crazy as it sounds, I hadn’t put two and two together until this morning. He’s been doing well since returning to his old school. …

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Emmett just hit a fever cycle

Recently, there was a delay in refilling Emmett’s antivirals that he takes for his fever disorder. With all that had been going on with Gavin recently, I’d opted to use this opportunity to see how he did without them. He did really well for about 2 weeks but just in case, I addressed the issue …

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It all happens at noon today

It’s already been a hectic morning but I did receive the call I’ve been waiting on from Emmett’s pediatrician. The long and short of things is that Emmett will be seen at noon today. Lizze and I dropping Gavin off with my Mom on the way. We can’t risk exposing Gavin to whatever bugs are …

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He’s NOT faking this

Emmett isn’t feeling well again this morning and rather than encourage him to go to school and at least try to see if he’ll feel better, we’re keeping him home. The main reason we’re keeping him home is because we’d have to pull him out anyway for his appointment this morning. I don’t know what …

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