I wish I could do something to help him

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The morning was rough. I didn’t get nearly enough sleep because I was up with an Emmett who was in a great deal of pain. I let Lizze sleep and she let me sleep in, while she took Elliott to school. Teamwork… ☺

Emmett’s in a good mood but at the same time, he’s miserable because he wants to eat solid food.

I looked at the sores on his lips this morning and it looks like there’s another one popping up. I wish there was something that could be done but there isn’t. This is one of those things that we don’t know much about because it’s incredibly rare and there’s no research being done as a result.

One of my readers brought up something called Magic Mouthwash. I think that’s different for everyone but the premise is the same. It doesn’t work for Emmett but it might be something to consider for your child, if the need should rise.

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Emmett tried this year’s ago because it’s supposed to help numb his mouth. I think is was a mixture of Benadryl, something like Lidocaine and an antacid. I could be totally wrong but it was something like that.

The idea is that it would numb his mouth and at the same time be safe to swallow, should he accidently swallow any. Unfortunately, it has a very unique taste and texture. As many of you will understand, Emmett tried it once and didn’t tolerate it well. He’s never been willing to try it again. It made his mouth feel funny and it tasted gross. I think those were his exact words at the time.

It could be different now but unfortunately, as with many kids on the Autism Spectrum, he generalizes the shit out of everything. In his mind, he didn’t like it once, so he’ll never like it.

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As a parent it’s frustrating because it’s something that might help him feel less pain, but there’s very little chance of him ever changing his stance.

It’s going to be another long day. I have to run some errands and I’ll probably late him with me. Hopefully it will prove to be a distraction.. ☺