Why I ALWAYS expect the unexpected -

Why I ALWAYS expect the unexpected

The last time we spoke, I was talking about how we were going to get Emmett back to school today. I was worried about a few things that turned out not to be a problem at all.

Last night, Elliott went to bed dealing with tummy issues. Emmett woke up a bit after midnight with tummy issues, while Gavin woke up about 3 AM sobbing because his head hurt and he felt like he was going to puke.

Needless to say, this Dad didn’t get much sleep last night and no one went to school today. I know there are tons of things floating around the school and thankfully this seems like a 12 hour bug because everyone is beginning to feel better.

Lizze sent me to bed this morning and I was able to grab about three hours. I’m feeling pretty good and I hope everyone will be returning to school in the morning. ☺

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