Hey Dad, You Need A Good Night’s Sleep Too!

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Every forum, every article, and every new Mom talks about how hard it is to have a baby and deal with sleep deprivation. No matter where you look, there are guides for a new Mom and how she can catch up with sleep during the day because, at night time, she’s breastfeeding and not sleeping very much at all. Here’s the thing: everyone forgets about Dad. If you are the sort of man who believes that you’ve experienced fatigue because of the latest stag do, you are very sorely mistaken.

Dad’s may have ineffectual nipples that the baby doesn’t want, and Dad may have a job to get to the next day, but that doesn’t mean he is getting any sleep. When the baby is crying, Dad can hear him, too. Despite the jokes and the ribbing, a Dad who is stepping up is getting little sleep with a new baby in the house, and he can’t catch up with his sleep in the day in the same way Mom can – well, maybe she doesn’t catch up, but at least she has the option! Not every Dad gets up in the night to help Mom with the baby, but those that do know that the night time diaper changes when the latest poop explosion hits happen more than once, making sleep very broken through the night. The thing is, babies just don’t sleep for long periods until much later in their little lives. Trying to keep up with a baby who doesn’t sleep through the night isn’t the easiest thing to cope with, and despite the multitude of baby swings that are recommended on theburpcloth.com, you may not find anything that works for you.

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Sleep deprivation has historically been used as a form of torture in wartime, and as a new parent, you’ll be forgiven for believing that this brand new pink bundle in your life is a miniature dictator putting you through your paces. To be a good parent, though, means that you need to take care of yourself and that requires you getting a good night of sleep. There isn’t much that you can do about the baby waking up through the night, that’s just what babies do. But there are things that you can do so that when you do finally head to bed, you sleep well.






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Ditch The Caffeine.

Okay, so this is the most counterproductive thing for a parent to do. Caffeine is mainlined when you have a baby in the house, because of the sheer lack of sleep. It’s tempting to look through your diet and substitute pretty much…everything for coffee when you’re in the middle of a diaper change at 2 am. But that’s a bad idea. Think of caffeine like a loan; if you throw back cups of coffee one night, the absence of caffeine the next night means your body will crash and you will be dropping that next night of sleep. Try to enjoy your coffee before lunchtime but after mid-morning, so that it gets you through the day but is out of your system before the night shift with the baby.

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Go Natural For The Night

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