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Are there times when you find being an #Autism parent harder than usual?

Being an Autism parent is rarely described as being easy. It’s many things but easy simply isn’t one of them. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t times that are easier… Read more »

(Poll) #Autism Parents: How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

This pretty straightforward and should be relatively easy to answer. We all know that sleep is a luxury many of us Autism Parents simply don’t get nearly enough of. That being… Read more »

As an #Autism Parent: What’s one thing you will never do and one thing you will always do?

When someone becomes an Autism parent, everything and I mean everything changes. There are too many things to even begin to make a list and frankly, that list would be different for… Read more »

This is what #Schizophrenia looks like to my family

Over the years, I’ve tried to document the many things we deal with as a special needs family. It’s important to me that I help to educate the public because… Read more »

(PSA) Why Swimming Lessons are Critical for Kids on the #Autism Spectrum

Why Swimming Lessons are Critical for Kids on the Autism Spectrum By: Michael Morris, Goldfish Swim School Everybody in the pool! Yes, that really means everybody. It is widely recognized… Read more »

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