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The Autism Dad blog made #4 on the list of top 50 #Autism Blogs

I wanted to take a minute to thank Feedspot for an amazing honor. They’ve indexed thousands of Autism related blogs and pulled to top 50 for their list. I’ve been selected and placed in the #4 spot. This is pretty … Read More

One of my kids just arrived home with new shoes

Mr. Emmett spent a large part of this morning with his grandparents. They wanted to undertake the difficult task of finding Emmett shoes he will wear.

Emmett just arrived home a few minutes ago and with him, is a pair … Read More

#Autism Parenting Exhaustion 

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I’ve been dragging a little bit lately. Honestly, I feel completely spent, like all the life has been drained from my body. My diet and exercise journey has suffered as a result.

The problem is probably more complicated than this, … Read More

I’m feeling like this Summer is full of promise and that is inspired by a pretty good end to the long weekend

It’s been a pretty awesome weekend, at least in the big picture.  The boys got to spend time with their Mom and I got to sleep.  We even got to spend time with my family and have a great cookout. … Read More

For the first time since he lost his immune system 

For the first time since Gavin lost his immune system, he’s been off IVIG for one whole week. His immunologist wanted me to withhold IVIG this past week and start up again today.  

This particular infusion is going extremely … Read More

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