Let’s talk about accountability

Let’s talk about accountability as it relates to our autistic kids. Here’s an example of when I hold my kids accountable. Hope this helps.

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“Okay. So you guys have been asking me a lot of questions lately about, um, when you discipline your child or what you hold them accountable for when they’re autistic. And I’ve talked briefly about, I don’t hold them accountable for things like meltdowns or stemming or things that are sort of inherently autism related behaviors, because it’s outside of their control.

It’s not their fault. It’s not a punishable thing. However, when my kids make choices or decisions that are problematic, they are held accountable for that. And today’s a good example. My oldest is 22. He’s been learning to stove, does a really good job most of the time, but the very big rule in our house is you do not use the stove without asking for permission, because I need to know that it’s on so that I can be aware of what’s going on in the event that I need to intervene.

Uh, I walked into the kitchen this morning and he started using the stove without asking for permission, and I made him shut it off. He got upset and, you know, whatever, and that’s okay. Uh, and he had to do something else for breakfast and it led to other little things that happened. But the point is, is I did hold him accountable for that.

And I made him turn the stove off and he’s not allowed to use it for breakfast this morning because I need him to remember to ask it’s a safety thing. And those are the things that I hold my kids accountable for.”

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