It’s a Bad News/Good News thing

We’ve made it to Wednesday and while I’m struggling to establish a new routine, we’re hanging in there. One of the challenges with starting a new routine at the moment is that no one is sleeping well, except for Gavin.

I’m struggling to fall asleep and so are Elliott and Emmett.

Everyone is dealing with a great deal right now and it’s sorta turned their lives upside down. The boys were still struggling to get their feet underneath them after Lizze left and we were plunged into the COVID19 nightmare. It’s safe to say their snow globes have been shaken so much, the can’t even see where they’re going.

I’m just trying to hold everything together as well and feel like I’m failing, miserably.

Poor Emmett is so stressed out that he’s covered in mouth sores. He gets these weird things on his tongue as well but only when he hits a fever flare that’s pretty bad.

He has the sores on his gums and cheeks as well. He’s in remarkably good spirits considering this can be very painful for him.

I need to find a way to reduce his stress levels so this doesn’t become an ongoing issue. The goal is for the flare to run its course and leave him alone for as long as possible.

On a positive note, Gavin has started writing again. He’s not worked on his book for a couple of weeks but he wrote a new chapter yesterday. He’d like me to find a way to arrange for him to read his book to all of you and I’m thinking the best bet may be in a podcast format. I’m not sure yet.

Anyway, he was very excited to read his latest chapter to me last night before bed. He really is a gifted writer. It’s honestly a little strange hearing him read what he’s written because he often struggles with finding words but he doesn’t struggle at all to write them down.

I wish he’d be more willing to type it out because it would make it easier for him to edit and share but he’s informed me that he has a process.

Outside of that, my main goal for the day is laundry but I’m not sure how successful that’s going to be. I’m feeling quite rundown and lacking in energy but I’m going to push myself to get moving because we need direction and that direction has to come from me.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Gill Mayo

Oh luvie your doing fantastic we in our house in the UK keep forgetting what day it is and all the chorse keep getting forgot while we do nothing it’s so strange you all stay safe

Curtis G.

Also, I hope Emmett feels better soon. We went through similar medical situations when my oldest son was young.

Curtis G.

That’s a very beautiful and poignant photo of your son Gavin sitting on the staircase. It’s poignant to me because it reminds me of watching my oldest autistic son when he’s off by himself, engrossed writing something, mostly about how he feels at the time.