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His #IVIG infusion was a disaster this morning and here’s why

Gavin’s been having a difficult morning so far. It was IVIG infusion day again (as it is every Monday and Friday), and it did not go well. Lately, Gavin likes Lizze to place the needles in his belly because they don’t often leak when she does it. Lizze and I are both concerned that Gavin …

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The coolest thing happened today

As the title states, the coolest thing happened today. I’ve been talking about Gavin’s ever-growing level of independence, and today marked a big first for him. Gavin gets his IVIG Infusion supplies delivered every month. He organizes them into kits and even does the infusions on his own. I have almost zero involvement in the …

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In other news

In other news, Gavin’s IVIG Infusion went well. I’m still batting a thousand in the IVIG infusions that don’t leak category. Gavin’s happy and it also means less pain for him as well. His infusion went pretty quick today. It took less than an hour in total and that’s always a good thing. Sometimes it …

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Why is Gavin struggling with his #IVIG infusions lately?

It was a rough morning in the sense that everyone was dragging. Emmett had a rough time falling asleep last night because he’s got a stuffy nose and while that’s unpleasant for anyone, it’s especially troubling for someone with sensory processing disorder. Lizze got lunches made and I got the boys to school before hitting …

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Some of Gavin’s labs are coming in and they’re still very concerning

It’s been an emotionally exhausting day. I spent most of today trying to keep myself focused on the things I have control over. Unfortunately, there’s a great deal that I have no control over and that sucks. I was very consumed with waiting on Gavin’s lab results to come back from yesterday’s repeat lab work. …

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Gavin’s #IVIG infusion supplies never showed up and that worries me

Without going into the backstory again, Gavin is on IVIG twice a week because of his severely compromised immune system. You can read that backstory here. We received a notice from his insurance that they were no longer working with his current, longtime supplier and would be switching to a new company. This is potentially …

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A fun little update

It’s been an interesting weekend thus far. The boys came home yesterday from a visit with their Mom. They all had a great time and I’m so glad we were able to get this safely worked out. There was some transition challenges but it’s a small price to pay for everyone to get a chance …

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Fantastic news

In the spirit of trying to get back into writing more, I wanted to share some positive news tonight. First and foremost, the best thing that happened today is that Gavin’s IVIG Infusion went well. I think that he will probably feel little more confident on Monday and perhaps he’ll be able to get through …

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