Gavin’s IVIG infusion is NOT going well today

Gavin’s been undergoing his IVIG infusion for over five hours now and it’s still not done. This is not a good thing because he’s getting extremely anxious and understandably so.

This usually comes down to needle placement and because there’s only so many locations in his belly to place both needles and because there have been roughly 5,826 total needle sticks into his belly thus far, scar tissue is a problem.

I suspect scar tissue is the leading cause of today’s complications.

As a result, what should take roughly an hour is dragging out into almost six hours. There’s nothing we can do but let it run its course.

The IVIG Infusions are absolutely crucial to Gavin’s survival. We can’t just write it off because it’s taking too long.

Hopefully, this will finish up and we can put another successful infusion behind us.