One of the challenges I face as an #Autism Dad

I'm so fucking tired and I'm going to make this quick. Emmett's eye appointment went well. He needs new glasses, which have already been ordered. The spots in his vision don't seem to have a physical cause and at this point, are not something to worry about. We do need to keep an eye on them going forward. One of the difficult parts of raising a child with Autism is communication, at least in my family. My kids are brilliant and most have extraordinary language skills. The problem is that they struggle to express anything related to themselves. Introspection is not an area of their life in which they are gifted. This is also on if the biggest obstacles that impede progress in helping them deal with their mom leaving.…

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Back at @AkronChildrens Hospital again today

It's been a crazy busy morning. Elliott never fell asleep and Emmett was up on and off throughout the night as well. Both boys made it to school today but Elliott was in an awful mood. Emmett was only there for a short time cause as soon as I was done walking, I needed to get him to Akron Children's Hospital for his eye exam. Emmett's been complaining about seeing spots that actually block his vision. He thought it was normal, so he never said anything about it until recently. We're currently in the dilation room waiting for the second part of his exam. He's doing pretty good, even though he hates the eye drops. I'll let you know how it goes.


Here’s what happened today

It's been a really, really long day but I think I'm finally done. Here's a couple notable things about our trip. Emmett's appointment went fine. Akron Children's Hospital never disappoints. We truly are lucky to live in proximity. The exam itself only took a few minutes and his old prescription wasn't that far off. He only needed a few minor adjustments and he'll be good to go. I suspect that Emmett may be very sensitive in regards to his vision. I don't know if it's a sensory thing or not but that would make sense. Anyway, we stopped at Walmart to both pick out and order his glasses. Insurance covers only $18 and we are not allowed to make up the difference. This means he will have a very cheap…


Emmett and I made it to the always amazing @AkronChildrens hospital for his eye appointment

Emmett and I battled horrendous traffic, while drinking dangerously hot - hot chocolate, in order to get to Akron Children's Hospital for his desperately needed eye appointment. Actually, traffic wasn't too bad today but the hot chocolate was seriously hot and Emmett does need new glasses in a very bad way. ☺ Anyway, we got here safely and it's now a waiting game. They're super busy and I just want to get this done. I'm so grateful we were able to get in sooner than next month. As soon as we get done, we'll stop and order his new glasses.


I heard back from 3 doctors this morning and it’s good news

First of all, I'll get to all the new comments but we're in a hurry this morning so it will have to wait. I just wanted to lay down a quick update because it seems like very positive news. I spoke with the eye doctors office in regards to Emmett's appointment today. I explained all that was going on and what we were concerned about. They said not to worry about it. We can bring Emmett in because he's asymptomatic, other than a runny nose and he's not running a fever. That's really good news. ☺ Within about 2 minutes of ending that call, I heard from Gavin's immunologist who said that as long as Gavin's on his IVIG Infusions, he should be in good shape. That's even better news.…

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