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I just want the screaming to stop :(

Nothing is going as planned this morning.. Elliott and Gavin are doing pretty well and they are ready to make the trip to the immunologist in Cleveland. Emmett on the other hand, is another story completely.. Anxiety is definitely getting the better of Emmett today. He’s refusing to go to school because he doesn’t feel …

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My son with #Autism will no longer wear shoes

I really worried about this upcoming school year for Emmett. He hasn’t tolerated shoes in almost 2 months. He’s been wearing flip flops, which sorta seems odd but that’s all he will wear.  He has to wear shoes at school, flip flops won’t cut it.  I went out and bought him water shoes yesterday which …

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Anxiety has been a major challenge today

Elliott is really struggling with anxiety today. The loss of the two baby squirrels really sorta made ripples in his pond. As the day has worn on, those ripples have grown into waves. Waves are actually a really good way to describe how anxiety hits him because it just sorta pours over him. You can …

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Working off anxiety by exploring nature 

I find myself once again working outside with Elliott. I’m helping him to deal with his anxiety in a healthier way. Right now I’m just sitting on the porch watching him do his thing.  He’s collecting bugs to feed his toads. There’s something about flipping over the rocks and being outside that just provides him …

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#Autism and #anxiety are kicking my butt today 

Anxiety often goes hand and hand with Autism. My kids on the spectrum are no exception and struggle with anxiety almost every single day.  As a parent, this can really take its toll after awhile because it’s a constant game or putting out fires.  For the last few hours, Elliott has been struggling because he’s …

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Helping my son manage his anxiety by exploring nature

It was another anxiety filled day for my middle minion Elliott. We’ve had more challenging days in the past but we’ve also had better.  My efforts to help him manage his anxiety were met with success today once again.  When Elliott reached a tipping point with his anxiety, we went out side to explore some …

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