The Did You Know’s of Divorce: Putting aside personal feelings and putting the kids first

The road that divorce takes you down is not set in stone.  There’s no predetermined outcome and at least in most cases, there’s a choice that …

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Adaptation is key when nothing ever goes as planned

My plans for the day have sorta been derailed because Emmett is sick and couldn’t go to school. 

Emmett was the only one of the three boys …

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The most important thing needed for your kids with #Autism to benefit from parental visits both during and after divorce

Disclaimer: In this post, I assume that the split was not due to issues involving domestic violence, drug or alcohol addiction.  I also assume that there are

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Parenting Advice: Making the decision to medicate your child can be scary and overwhelming

Putting your child on medication for something other than a physical illness, can be a scary and overwhelming thing for any parent. 

You read all …

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Can you guess what one of the most productive things you can do as a special needs parent is?

One of the biggest challenges I personally face in life right now is burnout. I’m so tired anymore and there are days like today where …

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Working off anxiety by exploring nature 

I find myself once again working outside with Elliott. I’m helping him to deal with his anxiety in a healthier way.

Right now I’m just sitting …

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