We suspect our son with #Autism is being bullied at school and here’s how we’re handling it

We’ve spent a bit of time speaking with Elliott this weekend. It would be fair to say this has been a rough couple of days for him. It’s pretty obvious that something is upsetting him but getting to the bottom of what that is can be tricky. Elliott will list things that bother him but they aren’t necessarily what’s …

The Did You Know’s of Divorce: Putting aside personal feelings and putting the kids first

The road that divorce takes you down is not set in stone.  There’s no predetermined outcome and at least in most cases, there’s a choice that you have to make. 

That choice is whether or not you’re willing to do whatever it takes, in order to work together with the other parent, towards the betterment of your children.


I can tell …

Adaptation is key when nothing ever goes as planned

My plans for the day have sorta been derailed because Emmett is sick and couldn’t go to school. 

Emmett was the only one of the three boys to receive the flumist, rather than the actual shot on Saturday. 


Shortly before bed last night, Emmett began with a low grade fever, roughly 100.3 °F.  As the night progressed, he became very stuffy.  It …

The most important thing needed for your kids with #Autism to benefit from parental visits both during and after divorce

Disclaimer: In this post, I assume that the split was not due to issues involving domestic violence, drug or alcohol addiction.  I also assume that there are no safety concerns.

When a special needs family experiences the trauma of divorce, it’s exceptionally difficult. I don’t use the word trauma lightly either. .

When parents split up, it’s not easy for any child, …

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