A couple of general medical updates

This is a sorta part two post of updates.  Part one pertained to SSI and this will focus on a couple of medication related …

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Things have turned around for the better tonight :)

The boys are having a really good evening.  Gavin’s playing Destiny on the Playstation and Elliott and Emmett were playing with the ferrets. 

If you follow …

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I need to figure out what’s causing my son with #autism such distress

Emmett was happy walking down the hallway to greet me after school today.  I love his and Elliott’s smile. ☺

Everything changed the moment he got …

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My youngest with #Autism still refuses to go to school and I can’t figure out why

The boys got off to school with only a few hiccups.  Those hiccups happen to be Emmett related but we worked through them.

Emmett says he …

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Why does my son with #autism refuse to go to school?

Totally not trying to be a negative Nancy but today has already been a nightmare.

Emmett once again refused to go to school because he wasn’t …

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I just want the screaming to stop :(

Nothing is going as planned this morning.. Elliott and Gavin are doing pretty well and they are ready to make the trip to the immunologist in Cleveland. Emmett …

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My son with #Autism will no longer wear shoes

I really worried about this upcoming school year for Emmett. He hasn’t tolerated shoes in almost 2 months. He’s been wearing flip flops, which …

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