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A couple of general medical updates

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Here’s part two of the general updates. This one focuses on medication related things.


I need to figure out what’s causing my son with #autism such distress

We are struggling with #Autism related school anxiety and I can’t figure this out… 😯


My youngest with #Autism still refuses to go to school and I can’t figure out why

Do any of your kids struggle with going to school? Do you think they struggle being away from you? Here’s what’s going on in my house…


Why does my son with #autism refuse to go to school?

Today was another heartbreaking plea to stay home from school. I don’t know what to do but here’s what happened


I just want the screaming to stop :(

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+12 Reddit Share Buffer Tweet Share PinShares 2Nothing is going as planned this morning.. Elliott and Gavin are doing pretty well and they are ready to make the trip to… Read more »


My son with #Autism will no longer wear shoes

+18 Share3 Pin2 Share1 Reddit Tweet BufferShares 14I really worried about this upcoming school year for Emmett. He hasn’t tolerated shoes in almost 2 months. He’s been wearing flip flops,… Read more »


Anxiety has been a major challenge today

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Buffer9 +12 Pin2 Share1 Reddit Tweet ShareShares 14Elliott is really struggling with anxiety today. The loss of the two baby squirrels really sorta made ripples in his pond. As the… Read more »


Working off anxiety by exploring nature 

Buffer15 Share4 Share1 Reddit Tweet +1 PinShares 20I find myself once again working outside with Elliott. I’m helping him to deal with his anxiety in a healthier way. Right now… Read more »